It is normal for a baby to suck. This is how he relaxes and feeds. The closer your child is when they are 2 or 3 years old, the less they need to suck. If this is not the case, the use of a pacifier is recommended rather than thumb sucking.

Why? Because YOU can control when and how your child uses a lollipop, but not his thumb. Never put sugar, honey or corn syrup on a lollipop. This may cause cavities. It is best if your child stops sucking BEFORE 3 years old. If a child continues to suck his thumb or lollipop AFTER his permanent teeth have appeared, the growth of his jaw and the position of his teeth could be affected.

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Obturate a primary tooth

Why to close a primary tooth to fall?

Broken and infected teeth can affect your child’s health and self-esteem.

A shutter can be an easy and economical way to remedy a problem that, if left alone, could hurt and be expensive.

It can prevent cavities from further digging the tooth.

If no plugging is performed and the decay extends, it may be necessary to extract the tooth.

In the case of an extraction, your child may need a space maintainer that gives the permanent tooth room to push. Indeed, when a primary tooth (milk) is missing, the teeth around it may take its place and thus prevent the permanent tooth from pushing. To maintain space, your dentist can place a plastic or metal space maintainer on adjacent teeth to keep them from moving.

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