This disease affects all tissues that support the teeth.

This disease affects all tissues that support the teeth. All of these tissues is called the periodontium. It therefore includes the following four tissues; the alveolar bone, the alveolar ligament, the gum and the cementum.

If the periodontal disease affects only the gum, we will speak here of a gingivitis. In the case where the disease affects the entire periodontium, then we talk about periodontitis.

It is important to understand that periodontal disease should be seen as a single infection (which means that one tooth alone can serve as a bacterial basin for other teeth).

In addition, bone destruction is irreversible. In other words, this means that periodontitis is not cured, it is stabilized, and to do this, a gum “therapy” is needed.

A consultation at the Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés will allow us to establish a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs in such a situation.

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