Who are we?

Personal Data Collection

Personal Information Collected

In order to benefit from customized services from Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés, that are accessible on digital platforms, you must provide certain information, in the form of digital tokens, that will be used for identification purposes; otherwise, we will not be able to offer you the services in question. Some personal data is also collected to offer you certain services.

If you contact Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés by e-mail, you must provide your information and write your message in the space provided on the electronic form accessible on the following pages:

Whether by telephone, e-mail or a message sent via our Site, we may collect :

  • your names;
  • your first names;
  • your email;
  • your phone number;
  • the message’s subject;
  • any other information you provide.

You can also communicate with us using Facebook’s Messenger tool.

Since no communication by e-mail or Messenger is completely secure, we ask you not to transmit any personal information in your messages when communicating with us in either of these ways.

What type of personal information do you collect and why?

We collect and use your personal information to fulfill the mission entrusted to us, notably to:

  • communicate with you ;
  • process your application to the positions we post;
  • Offer you Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés conventional services;
  • permanently ensure the efficiency and quality of our business processes;
  • understand your experience as a client or as an applicant so that it is a positive one for you;
  • offer you practical information or content and also to promote our various services and programs.

We only collect personal information that is necessary for these intended purposes.

In addition, when we collect your personal information, we specify the intended uses. For example, you may read the Cookies section to find out more on the type of personal information we collect when you visit our website and how we use this data.

Automatic Exchange of Information

For all the navigation features on Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés website (under the domain name centredentairebelangerpareass.ca / LUMIVA / cdbpa.ca) to be fully functional, your computer and the server of the website exchange certain technical information. This information is fragmented and cannot be used to identify you. These are fragmented and do not allow you to be identified.

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded when you view certain pages of a website and saved on the memory of the device you are using.

Cookies are used to update and optimize our websites according to your usage and needs. Le Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés and its suppliers rely on Google Analytics to analyze the usage of Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés digital platform for statistic and website improvement purposes. The following information is collected via cookies:

  • IP address;
  • internet service supplier;
  • date and hour of the start and end of the visit;
  • Browser language setting;
  • Region or municipality determined by the IP address
  • browser language ;
  • operating system type and version;
  • device type and model (phone, tablet or computer);
  • previously visited website domain;
  • Address of pages visited on Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés websites;
  • Activities (i.e.: clicks, screen scrolling) on Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés;
  • Origin point (banner, email, social media, printed publication, advertiser website) of your visit;
  • Screen resolution of the device you are using.

This information can also be used by Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés and its suppliers to create, improve or market products and services The information is collected and retained by Google on servers that may be located outside of Canada. However, the information is not shared with external parties by Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés. Unless in limited circumstances described in the You may manage cookies section.

If you intend to, you may prevent Google from collecting data related to your usage of Centre dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés website by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

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