Teeth Whitening – Facet – Dental Jewel

Whitening (2 options for you)

Why is it important to consult with the dental health staff before proceeding with a whitening treatment?

Several factors influence the coloring of teeth. Tobacco, red wine, tea, coffee are the best-known examples. These spots can usually be removed by your dental health professional during a house visit for a cleanse. However, the coloration of the tooth can also change for reasons as simple as the natural aging of the enamel. At that time, only teeth whitening can correct the situation.
The first step is to make an appointment with your dentist. The revision of the medical questionnaire, the dental examination and the examination of the soft tissues will allow the health professionals to inform you about the advantages, the risks, the secondary effects and consequently, hygiene advice will be transmitted to you in order to maximize the desired results.
This important step in the money laundering process should not be neglected. Do not forget that your dental health professionals are complicit in your well-being!

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Option 1: Bleaching Gutter at Home

Tips to follow when laundering at home :

  • Thoroughly brush and floss before inserting the gutters in the mouth.
  • Fill the gutters with the whitening gel about one third of the tank and deposit it in the front part of the gutter.
  • Insert the gutters in the mouth and keep them for the time needed, according to the dentist’s instructions.
  • Remove the gutters after the required time. Thoroughly rinse the gutters and clean them with a toothbrush, gently so as not to tear them.

When bleaching, avoid foods that stain like red wine, blueberries, tomato sauce, coffee, cola, etc. It is completely inadvisable to smoke during bleaching.

During treatment, your teeth and gums may become sensitive. This is perfectly normal. If sensitivity becomes intolerable, stop bleaching for one to two days. If pain persists, contact the dentist to report.
The end result is very variable and depends on several factors. For best results, more emphasis is needed by increasing the contact time of the peroxide on the teeth and the frequency of use, in some cases up to several months.

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Option 2: Clinic Bleaching Technique

Whitening Zoom

When it comes to whitening your teeth, your dentist remains the best resource. Only dental centers have access to Zoom professional whitening power
With Zoom whitening, your teeth will be visibly whiter in one day. This technique is done in a dental office in one appointment and requires only two hours of your time!

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The dental facet is used when a tooth needs a slight correction. Whether lightly chipped, worn, discolored or even misaligned, the front of the tooth should be covered with a thin layer of porcelain or composite to improve its appearance. One can even camouflage a space too pronounced between two teeth (diastema) thanks to the facet.

It is actually a rather simple and effective solution to improve the appearance of slightly damaged teeth.
On the other hand, if the tooth has undergone root canal treatment previously or if the tooth structure is seriously damaged due to a large tooth decay or a minor fracture, the crown will be the option suggested by your dental professional. The crown will help restore strength to your tooth. It can be made from ceramic, porcelain, metal or composite material.

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Dental jewel

Dental ornament is a very safe procedure that takes place in minutes. The jewel is installed on the tooth of your choice. It is also possible to remove it in a jiffy without damaging the tooth. This practice is very simple and painless and poses no risk to your health. The only concern is in the materials used to make your jewelry to make sure you do not suffer from allergic allergy to their contact.

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