Orthodontic treatment optimizes the aesthetics of our smile

Of course, in many cases, orthodontic treatment optimizes the aesthetics of our smile. However, orthodontics corrects much more than tooth alignment. The treatment also promotes chewing, growth, breathing, phonation, swallowing and occlusion (it is the relationship between the upper and lower teeth that will ensure good stability and function of the jaws)

The growth period in the child is favorable for an orthodontic treatment because it allows to modify more easily the shape, the size, the position of the jaws as well as the overall posture of the body. Nevertheless, it has been observed for some years that this practice is more common in adults. The duration of the treatment depends on the age and the severity of the problem as well as the different types of devices offered (fixed, removable, evolutionary shells, Invisalign ©, etc.)

Orthodontie - Dentisterie esthétique