The dental center

Our patients’ health and well-being is our primary concern.

Since 1992, we have been providing personalized dental care for our clients in St-Constant, Delson, St. Catherine, Candiac, Laprairie and many other communities.

We take this opportunity to say thank you for the trust you have shown us over the past 30 years and welcome our new clientele.

From birth to old age, our entire multidisciplinary team is geared to meet your general dentistry needs offering a wide range of dental care, supported by a trained team and cutting-edge technology. We have always been committed to providing the best with the primary goal of improving dental and overall health.

Summary of our services :

  • Family dentistry;
  • Approach for babies and young children with developmental disabilities;
  • Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics and transparent aligners;
  • Surgery and extraction, endodontics, periodontics, implants;
  • Ceramic crown, CEREC, bridge, crown, veneer, complex dental rehabilitation, whitening;
  • Treatment of the jaw and associated muscle pain;
  • Sleep apnea and snoring;
  • Denturology.

High tech :
3D radiology, scan, digital dental impression, intraoral camera, DIAGNOdent, etc.


Each dental center has its history.


In 1992, Dr. Nathalie Bélanger moved to the Monchamp shopping center in St-Constant. The dental clinic quickly enjoys great visibility thanks to a Mickey Mouse mural that catches the eyes of children and parents. Because of her strong interest in developing her knowledge and continuously improving her techniques, Dr. Bélanger acquires many skills in dento-facial orthopedics and orthodontics. Yves Samson, a denturologist, then comes to offer his services for the fabrication of removable or fixed dental prostheses on implants.


With the advent of advanced technology, the deepening of general treatments and new surgical techniques, Dr. Paré and Dr. Bélanger continue to pursue their training in different dental schools in Quebec and the United States.
In 1998, they acquired one of the first CEREC 2 machines in the province.


In 2003, the need to expand the premises is increasingly felt since the clinic now has three dentists and only four operating rooms. Centre Dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés decided to build a new clinic at the corner of Monchamp and Sainte-Catherine Streets, still in St-Constant, to accommodate a larger team, which now has 5 dentists and several hygienists. This new reality will provide a more flexible schedule and a variety of services and care.


In 2005, Dr. Bélanger and Dr. Paré received an exceptional 4-year training at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) to treat muscle pain, the temporomandibular joint and perform neuromuscular rehabilitation treatments. and aesthetic. Dr. Paré also adds to her practice the implantology department.


In 2008, Dr. Bergeron became a partner at the Centre Dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés, offering our clientele ever more up-to-date care in endodontics, periodontics and surgery, including 3D scan implantology. She left in 2015.


Three new dentists, Dr. Élise Morency, Dr. Pascale Laporte and Dr. Sarah-Jane Dorismond, join our team in 2011, 2012 and 2016. They bring with them a breath of fresh air and a more lively dynamic for our young patients. They practice a variety of care such as oral surgery, operative dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, orthodontics, periodontics, gum grafts and endodontics. They continue to perfect their education with continuing education on a regular basis.


In 2014, the dental center was completing its last expansion, which can now accommodate some thirty of the most dedicated, professional and qualified employees, whose mission is to improve dental health, aesthetics and the overall health of patients. In this overall health consciousness, we pay particular attention to sleep apnea, breathing in children, growth, phonation, bad habits such as clenching teeth and bruxism as well as feeding , especially since gum treatment is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease.


In 2019, Dr. Marc-Antoine Richard will join the dental center team with enthusiasm, dedication and competence to serve you.
We are proud to offer quality care in a warm, respectful and relaxed atmosphere, with a view to promoting better overall health.


In November 2022, Dr Marc-Antoine Richard became a partner in the Bélanger, Paré & associés dental center. He will continue to offer his clients endodontic, periodontic and surgical treatments, including implantology with 3D scanning.


In the fall of 2022, the arrival of Dr Iphigénie Noël will bring added value to the Bélanger, Paré & associés dental center team. Her concern for improvement and excellence has led her to take several continuing education courses in order to practice in several areas of dentistry, including endodontics, prosthodontics and orofacial pain.

Our mission

The staff of the dental team is committed to providing their clients with the best quality of care in a friendly environment.

Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés
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The dental team is committed to providing the highest quality of care to its clients in a user-friendly environment. Our team specializing in family dentistry and cosmetics is committed to providing you with the best in respecting the expectations of each client. We personalize each of our treatments according to their needs. Centre Dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés stands out mainly by :

  • The use of technology;
  • The customer experience;
  • The updating of our knowledge;
  • The teamwork.

This allows us to make informed decisions about the treatment choices to be made.
Our goal is to grow professionally and personally in order to provide the best treatments to our patients throughout their lives, so that they maintain better oral health.

Our team

Our team of dental surgeons

Nathalie Bélanger - Surgeon - Dentist - Associée - Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés

Dr. Nathalie Bélanger

Associate dental surgeon
Élise Morency - Surgeon - Dentist - Associée - Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés

Dr. Élise Morency

Associate dental surgeon
Marc-Antoine Richard - Surgeon - Dentist - Associée - Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés

Dr. Marc-Antoine Richard

Associate dental surgeon
Suzanne Paré - Surgeon - Dentist - Associée - Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés

Dr. Suzanne Paré

Dental surgeon
Élise Morency - Chirurgienne - Dentiste - Associée - Centre dentaire Bélanger, Paré et associés

Dr. Iphigénie Noël

Dental surgeon


At Center Dentaire Bélanger Paré et associés, we are very concerned about your general health. We use moist heat sterilizers. At each sterilization cycle, verifications are made here at the clinic. In addition, monthly biological tests in an independent laboratory are done to verify the effectiveness of sterilizers, so that you are well protected against any transmissible infection.

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