There are now new methods in orthodontics

There are now new methods in orthodontics that can realign the dentition more discreetly and give an equally impressive result! Here at a glance the benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment with gutters.

Advantages :

  • Translucent gutters (almost invisible)
  • Removable gutters (very handy during meals and brushing)
  • Movement of teeth gently (less pressure on the teeth)
  • Unparalleled comfort (no wires or rings)

Procedure : step by step

  1. Planning the treatment using the virtual model of your dentition in 3D
  2. Visualization of the anticipated displacement of your teeth, as the weeks go by
  3. Design of a series of custom aligners using the 3D virtual model
  4. Progressive gutter change (approximately every two weeks and follow-up with the dental professional every 6 weeks)
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